Red Hen Sod Info

Piece of SodRed Hen sod can be purchased several ways. A roll of sod is 2 feet by 5 feet, which covers 10 square feet. Each roll weighs about 35 pounds. Sod is priced and sold by the square foot. See our tips on measuring to help you figure out how much sod to order.

Picked up sod at our farm

  • Our typical pick up customer purchases from 1 to 200 rolls of sod. You can haul about 10 rolls in a small car, 50 rolls in a half ton pick up and 100 rolls in a three quarter ton pick up. People will often make 2 trips in one day. Some customers have a pick up and trailer to haul this amount in one trip.

  • We harvest sod fresh for each order, so call the day before you want to pick it up to have us harvest it. We will call you as soon as it is ready. Rain sometimes prevents us from harvesting, and you might not get any sod if you come to our farm after a rain without calling first.

Delivered sod by our trucks

  • We can deliver quantities of 50 rolls or more locally.

  • People needing more than 200 rolls find it better to have us deliver it because we bring our forklift and take the sod from our truck and drive on your site spotting it where you need it. This saves the customer the time and effort of carrying sod from their vehicle to where it is needed.

  • We suggest people wanting a delivery of sod call 4 or 5 days ahead of when they want it to place a tentative order. We schedule your delivery and then confirm your order about 24 hours in advance. If something happens and you need to delay a delivery, no problem, we simply reschedule.

Please call our office for current sod pricing. 800-359-8035 or 574-232-6811


Garden centers

Following is a list of garden centers and locations that handle our sod. Please call them for pricing and the days they have sod available.


Chesterton- Valparaiso, Indiana

Four Seasons

Crown Point, Indiana

Cummings Landscape Inc
7705 West Lincoln Highway
Crown Point,IN 46307

Elkhart, Indiana
Thompson Landscape
Thompson Landscape
62011 State Road 19 South
Elkhart, IN 46517-8904
574-862-1712 (Elkhart)
800-448-5296 (outside Elkhart)

Granger, Indiana

Ginger Valley


Mishawaka, Indiana
McKinley Garden Center
McKinley Garden Center
13333 McKinley Hwy
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Not Just a Garden Center

1502 S. Union St.
Mishawaka, In 46544

St Joseph, Benton Harbor, Michigan

Culby's LLC



Landscaping has become more specialized and we suggest you call our office if your project involves sod and we can assist you in finding a landscaper in your area that offers the services you desire.

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