Turf Grass is Not Expensive  

Delivery by Our Semis

Customers should call 4-5 days in advance to schedule a delivery. We will always confirm your order 24 hours before delivery and keep you updated on arrival time.

We can deliver quantities of 50 rolls or more. Pricing for delivery is not the same as pickup and will be based on quantity and delivery location.

Customers needing more than 200 rolls (4 pallets) find it easier to have it delivered. Our drivers have a forklift for removal and can place the pallets where you need them at the drivers’ discretion with safety in mind.

We serve Mid/Northern Indiana & Mid/Southern Michigan region. If you are unsure if we can deliver to your area, just call us.

Pallets received from your order can be kept or returned to our office. Pallet cost is included with the cost of the sod, so you can keep them or dispose as you like. Sorry, we cannot make special trips for pallet pickups.


For a full semi of 10,000 sq ft Kentucky Bluegrass:

Call for Pricing

Piece of sod





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