Beyond Red Hen’s FAQs

I have more questions! Is Googling the best way to find my answers?

Not so much :)  It’s important that you get your information from sources that are based on facts and research and are applicable to the area where your yard is located.  Knowing what sources of information are trustworthy can be tricky, but it’s worth keeping this in mind so you’re not going down random rabbit holes of old wives tales and popular myths.. 

In light of this, for those who are in the Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan area, like we are, we feel there are THREE main sources you should limit yourself to when it comes to lawn related questions: 

  1. Purdue University’s Turfgrass Science Department website at, which includes their HOMEOWNER PUBLICATIONS section at and their TURF TIPS BLOG
  2. Michigan State University Extension’s Turf website at, which includes their HOMEOWNER PUBLICATIONS section at 
  3. Red Hen Turf Farm’s website at, including our BLOG at and our handy PDF Library.  Take things a step further to get timely updates and tips by signing up for our E-Newsletter at and following us on Facebook at



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