Straight from the RED HEN FAQ VAULT – If it’s BROWN, Mow it DOWN … and More EARLY SPRING GRASS TIPS

You’ve noticed that in the winter months, your lawn’s grass typically will turn brown, right?  This is a normal response to winter conditions — your grass has simply gone into a dormant or resting stage.  Though your grass may look dead, … Continue reading

FROM THE RED HEN FAQ VAULT: For Red Hen Turf Farm’s Business / Commericial Customers … Jeremy asks: DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH PRICING?

(Article originally written by Jeremy, Red Hen Turf Farm, in Spring 2019 – revised for Spring 2023) Almost daily, I have business owners confide in me with a wide range of business problems. I really enjoy helping to hash things … Continue reading

Red Hen’s 2 Choices for an INSTANT LAWN: Red Hen’s Kentucky Bluegrass Sod vs. Red Hen’s Tall Fescue Sod


Article Last Updated 03/02/23 Did you know that Red Hen Turf Farm produces and sells 2 kinds of sod?  Since 2018, we have carried both our flagship 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, and more recently our “Tall Fescue Sod”. Of these … Continue reading