Red Hen is featured as Builders Association of Elkhart County’s Business of the Month


Red Hen Group Photo 002We are proud to say we are highlighted in this month’s Builders Association of Elkhart County (BAEC) newsletter as their business of the month.  Here is the article that was featured:

For over 50 years, on over 1,000 acres, we have been producing exceptional Kentucky bluegrass sod, cultivated from 4 varieties. This special blend is especially suited for the Upper Midwest climate. We utilize cutting edge technology and agronomic practices in our operation.

An element that sets Red Hen Turf Farm apart from the competition is our ability to offer 200sq ft. sod rolls to our customers. Ourbig rolls are ideal in that they are easier to lay down in comparison to little rolls, using Brouwer equipment. There will be less seams and the job can be done faster, more efficiently and with less physical strain on your crew. This ultimately saves you money. If you do not have Brouwer equipment to utilize, ours can be rented out at $0.02/sq. ft. of purchased sod. We typically deliver as far as 150 miles from base camp here in NewCarlisle, Indiana. To give an idea, wecan go as east as Ft. Wayne, southas West Lafayette, north as Grand Rapids and west as St. John.

Sod 018

Sod is the granite countertop of lawns. Laying sod is the best bet for new homeowners because it delivers several instantaneous benefits. They will experience a beautiful lawn their kids and/or pets can enjoy right away, whereas, in laying seed they will have to wait a year for the kind of lush texture seeding may produce that sod is guaranteed to bring instantly. Sod is a mature plant that will not require much time and attention after taking root in a few weeks, whereas seeding is going to need attention for a year, granted it doesn’t get washed out by a big rain. When investing in an outdoor product such as sod, indoor investments such as carpet are protected. Mud can become quite the hassle in a new home, especially with pets and children in the mix. Laying sod ensures thatmud stays where it belongs; under the opulent grass. Laying sod can also prevent wash-outs. Have you ever seen the turquoise ribbons of chemicals left in the street by a hydroseeded lawn as it was washed away by a rainstorm? These trails of washouts make a lawn surface bumpy and inhospitable to future grass seed. Sodding helps to control erosion from the minute it is laid.

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Sod can grow well in poor soil. Grass seed is going to need quality soil as well as fertilizer and constant water management to grow to the propensity of sod. We are the experts; we know how to grow grass beautifully and with minimal impact on the environment. We take the hassle out of the process for you. Laying sod saves you time, money and frustration.

At Red Hen Turf Farms, we take a unique approach to what we do. Not only do we take strategic and progressive care in how we grow, harvest and deliver our sod but we also try to think and work avant-garde. One example of our innovative approach to doing business is sodding the Jefferson Boulevard bridge in downtown South Bend, Indiana for the SB150 birthday celebration. When asked by the planning committee if we would be willing to donate 13,600 feet/ 68 big rolls as well as our time and labor to the event, we were game. We know that it is in these service efforts that we can reach out to new customers and gain exposure while also using our product and services to build a stronger local community. We didn’t bat an eye at the labor involved because we love what we do here. In the end, it was a wild success and we were honored to be part of it. Delivering quality turf and building strong customer relationships and networks are the epicenter of what we do and why we love this business.

To read other editions of BAEC’s newsletter, here’s the LINK.  Their membership director can be reached HERE, and if your company is interested in joining the BAEC, here’s that LINK.


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