Rolls are 2 foot by 5 foot, or 10 square foot. Our pricing for pickup and delivery have different tiers / discounts for volume. NOTE: Minimum for delivery is 500 square feet, Minimum for farm pickup is 10 square feet.
For a comparison of our 2 types of sod, head to and Click on the Word BLOG underneath our Barn Logo. If you have NO SPRINKLER SYSTEM and SANDY SOILS, Tall Fescue would like be the way to go.
We'll have to confirm based on our mutual schedules, but this will give us a starting point.
>>>IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ETA's for DELIVERY ROUND TIMES. In general, each of our Semi Delivery Drivers have 2 ROUNDS of loads each day. DELIVERY ROUND 1 typically will arrive between 8:30 AM - Noon Eastern Time. DELIVERY ROUND 2 will typically arrive between Noon - 3:30 PM Eastern Time. As a Direct Farm Supplier that harvests sod fresh-to-order on demand, there are many variables that affect the time our Semi will arrive at your site. DELIVERY ROUND TIMES are ROUGH ESTIMATES. When you're talking about "Live Agriculture in Action", each day can play out differently! ROUND 1 is often reserved for Landscapers / Contractors with large orders (4000SF or more) and a crew to pay, but sometimes we can make exceptions. On the day of your delivery, we can alert you once the driver is headed your way to narrow down the ETA. We always aim to arrive As Soon As Possible.
If you're not sure how to calculate your Square Feet,, describe the measurements as best you can in the Describe your site & project box.