Red Hen is seeking Testimonials and Feedback … Would you help us out?



First, to all of our customers, we wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN for choosing Red Hen Turf Farm.  As many of you know, we greatly value our relationships with our customers.

We strive to provide high quality and very reasonably priced turf grass sod, grass seed, fertilizer, soil test kits, erosion control products, and more.

We also strive to make DIY lawncare DO-able by providing complementary (in other words, no-cost) services such as assisting with trouble-shooting your lawn problems and designing customized fertilizer programs based on your goals, budget, and soil analysis.  We truly enjoy EDUCATING our customers!

So, we were wondering — do you read online reviews? In today’s market of big companies overshadowing the little guys like us, online reviews are very important. They provide us with the information we need to continue to improve, but they also help us to get the word out about our product or service. That’s why we need your help.

On that note, would you take a few moments of your time to jot down 1-2 sentences about our products and services?   

It’s a fast, simple way for you to make a difference in a company that’s providing you great products/services. Here are some choices for providing your testimony:

  • via our Google Business pageCLICK HERE  
  • via Email – send your email to Jeremy & the Red Hen Team at turf(AT SYMBOL)
  • via our Contact Us webpageCLICK HERE
  • via the mail … we’re at Red Hen Turf Farm, 2935 Darden Road, New Carlisle, IN 46552

Last but not least, please give us a call today if you need immediate help or feedback. We want to hear from you and are here to answer your questions.

Until next time,

Jeremy and the Crew from Red Hen Turf Farm


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