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Red Hen Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Red Hen’s Kentucky Bluegrass Sod vs. Red Hen’s Fescue Sod

Did you know that Red Hen Turf Farm produces and sells two different kinds of sod?
Since 2018, we have carried both our flagship Red Hen 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod (aka “Bluegrass Sod“), and more recently Red Hen’s “Fescue Sod.”
Both types are cool-season turf grasses that thrive — with proper care — in our Midwest region.

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Got Mushrooms?

We do.  Mushrooms this time of year are pretty normal, especially in over-watered lawns, after lots or rain, or during humid conditions.  Common mushrooms are

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You’re thinking of having Red Hen Sod Delivered by One of Our Semi Trucks? TIPS on How to Make the Delivery Go More Smoothly for Everyone …

So, let’s imagine that you’re thinking about ordering sod from Red Hen Turf Farm, and you’re considering opting for DELIVERY rather than picking it up.

Perhaps you’ve measured your area already, and maybe you’ve even called us to receive a FREE QUOTE and to talk about delivery versus pick-up. Maybe when you called, you asked questions about prepping and installation, and general care of the sod, especially initially. There’s SO MUCH that we can cover when you call for a quote or information on ordering sod that we NEVER have the time to cover EVERY SINGLE THING.

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